Nordic Style Living Room Lamps

Do you have a Nordic living room, or what is the same, a living room decorated in the purest Nordic style ?, If so, we propose to complement that design that you like so much with our amazing Nordic Style Living Room Lamps.

If you are on this website it is because you like light colors, well-lit environments, open spaces, simple lines, and of course, lamps that match this northern and European decorative style.

We will try to address in our store the best Nordic Lamps Vintage Style, the best Nordic Lamps Rustic Style, the best Modern Nordic Lamps, a varied offer, and we will end up providing valuable information that enriches your knowledge and contributes to the realization of this Nordic format that So much is being used these days.

Enjoy our products and buy the lighting that makes you happy.


Best selling Nordic Style Living Room Lamps

In this section we show you a summary of the northern lamps that are sold most month at Amazon, and that, moreover, more positive reviews have, without a doubt they are some of the best offers to choose according to your needs.


Nordic Lamps Vintage Style

You can like the Nordic and vintage style without having to give up either. Nordic lamps Vintage Style at the best price and with the best quality. Enjoy the natural light of the country spaces and combine it with artificial lighting to achieve the intermediate point of perfection.

Take your time, but choose what you choose will be the right decision. Our work group has made the best comparison and selection of Nordic lamps for living rooms for vintage spaces. Feel free and treat yourself, from time to time our mind and body thank you. The best style to live is the style of your own comfort in your preferred environment.



Nordic Rustic Style Lamps

The lamps of this style that we will show you today in this section can be used for many years. They are characterized by generating a comfortable, friendly and extremely familiar environment.

The rustic and Nordic style is characterized by the wide use of natural materials such as birch, beech or oak wood, high quality resin, glass. It is suitable for both bedrooms, restaurants, lounges, study rooms, rooms, bathrooms, hallways, among many other places of interest.

In general, our lamps are easy to install and maintain, with special features such as low power consumption, a long lifetime of LED lamps, no radiation and no glare, just what you need for your living room, the Nordic Lamps Rustic Style perfect.



Modern Nordic Style Lamps

Nordic lamps should remind you of nature, typical of the northern style where natural resources abounded for interior decorations. So we will notice the uniform presence of materials such as natural wood and forms and designs of our natural world as leaves and branches.

It is the perfect style to combine natural light from large windows with artificial light generated by any of these lamps, on high ceilings, spacious kitchens or useful work areas.

Break your decorative routine and use one of these illuminations in a design where white, wood colors, gray range, even black predominate. If you are a creative person you can achieve wonders, I assure you that.



Varied offers of Nordic Lamps for Halls

In this section we set out to generate a variety of products of this style to inspire you and give you an idea of things you might need. If you did not find what you wanted above, you may find it here.

You will find wall lamps, with sconces, ceiling, bedside tables, everything you need from Nordic lamps just a few clicks.



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What is the Nordic style?

The Nordic style is a decorative style that emerged in the twentieth century and the origin is given in countries of northern Europe, countries such as Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden. If you realize all these countries have a common factor, the cold, desolate weather and many natural resources available for the decorations of their homes.

Therefore, all these people tried to style and accommodate the interiors of their homes to be as cozy as possible, following the northern standard and using what they had on hand to achieve it. As a final result they obtained cozy, pleasant, rustic, clean and highly familiar spaces.

Over the years the Nordic style has been renewed with other cultures while, with new technologies, adapting to new trends.

Anyway, if you like to spend the winters with your family there is no better environment than a home in the purest Nordic style.


How to decorate a Nordic style living room?

Achieving the decoration of a Nordic style living room is very simple, you just have to follow these rules and the magic will come true:

  • A slight touch of color: This style is usually characterized by neutral colors, but to give a little life to your living rooms you can add bright colors in cushions, a sofa, some table ornament or centerpiece, etc.
  • Use nature as a source of inspiration: Being a homely and rustic decoration, it is always good to use branches, trunks, vegetables, artificial animals, among other products or strategies to bring the environment closer to traditional nature. As for fabrics and fabrics used in tablecloths, curtains, cotton, linen, wool, or some others were ideal.
  • Nordic lamps for perfect lighting: In every family environment a good source of lighting is suitable, and if it were possible that it would match the decoration of the place it was perfect. Nordic or Scandinavian design lamps generally use wood in their manufacture or artificial elements that simulate natural products.
  • Nordic carpets to acclimate and make the room more cozy: Not only can we use wooden floors, but using Nordic carpets we would give the rooms a more homely and comfortable atmosphere. We can use simple designs with circles, rhombuses, stripes, abstract figures, or that simulate elements of nature of few colors.
  • Warmth in the soils: The climate of the northern countries is usually cold, so it is important that it helps keep the heat in our feet. Wooden floors are often used for this purpose as this is an ideal thermal insulating element. On the other hand, the color and texture of the wood is perfect to create a cozy and rustic atmosphere.
  • The color white, cream, and in general soft colors as predominant tones: We must always try to achieve a bright, vivid, orderly, clear and natural environment. The northern climate usually provides little lighting as it is almost always cloudy, so the natural daylight is often used to the maximum, hence this decorative style always uses large windows. For our part we can help in this condition with light colored walls as this is a color that reflects the light very well. Believe it or not, these tones generate a modern atmosphere which would be ideal to share with the family, hence it is used both in Nordic decorations.
  • Use wood in furniture: The presence of wooden furniture is essential in Nordic designs. The same we can use shades of light and dark woods among which we can find pine, beech, oak, maple, among other typical of these countries. Undoubtedly, this furniture is a cliché in the northern decorations due to its simplicity, functionality and simplicity with which they were created.
  • In general, tendency to minimalism: As a general rule, the premises are usually decorated to give a feeling of spaciousness, cleanliness, interior order, and a distribution according to and according to what we need, without being overloaded with ornaments and ornaments that are not very useful . With this decoration, highly functional spaces are usually obtained where every object has a useful purpose.


Why you should buy Nordic Style Lamps for Living Room in our store?

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