A home with a rustic style you should know very well that it is nothing more than decorating our environment around nature, something like a country man. But for being this does not mean that it is ugly, much the opposite. This form of decoration has been used for a long time and has increased its use in these years even more. In this store we will propose a varied offer of Rustic Style Lamps for Living Room to complement that living room of yours that you love so much.

This type of decoration is characterized by open spaces, use of wood in furniture, shelves, if possible on the floor as well. The main materials are wood, stone, mud, natural fibers, and another feature that is no less important is adequate lighting with the appropriate lamps. For now I suggest you see our proposal, I know you will definitely love it.


Bestselling Rustic Style Lamps for Living Room

Bentley Set of 2 rustic table lamps with hammered, brown and white

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Derek Antler Table Lamp, Mountain Style Shade

EFFORTINC classic style antler-shaped resin chandelier, 6 lights

Antlers Classic Style, 6 Light Chandeliers 8688 – 6, Diameter 88cm Height 54cm

Beautiful craft: The 3-way switch lamp is made of glass and metal with a cloth drum.

Special rustic floor lamp for cabin living rooms, special for reading or lighting your …

Oneach Maria 2-Piece Rustic Table Lamps for Bedroom, Living Room, Black

Rarlon Rustic Lodge Novelty Computer Lamp, Led Function, With Paint Use On

Offers of Rustic Style Lamps for Living Room

Lamps to complement the decoration of a rustic home should be made mainly of natural materials, be it wood, branches, shrubs, some element of daily use, or simply some metal that simulates a natural element by its color. This promotes well-being at home, inner tranquility and a safe rest.

Not for pleasure the resting houses of great magnates are in remote places, decorated with rustic and wooden style. Therefore, we invite you to see our products, and give the last touch to that rustic style that you want so much in your home. For our part, we have compiled what we consider to be the best rustic-style lamps for Salons. We hope you enjoy them.

AHS Lighting Decorative Table Lamp, Two Way Switch, 100W

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Rustic Table Lamp for Living Rooms

Oak River Mission Arc Floor Lamp, Rusty Metal, Oak Wood Base, Natural Microphone

Jonathan Y Gaston 20.5in Brown Resin LED Table Lamp Coastal Bohemian Bulb

Rustic Organic: Exquisite Synthetic Wood Finish Makes This Lamp Body Look Like

Cody Set of 2 Hammered Oil Rubbed Bronze Table Lamps for Living Room, Bedroom

Bronze and wood tone finish. Off-white burlap shadow. Franklin Iron Works lighting

Dayn Franklin Metal Works Office Antique Edison LED Light Bulb Table Set of 2

Anmytek metal, wood and glass pendant candle holder, vintage retro rustic style,

Bieye Columnar Table Lamp with 5 Inch Fabric Shade, Modern, Bronze

Antique lantern style base features country star features, while the shade

Four Faux Antlers Intertwine, Truly rustic feel of this original lamp

Deer Chandelier, White Color, 5 Light, Vintage Style, Vintage Style Pendant, for Living

EFFORTINC Antler Classic Style, 6 Light American Resin Chandeliers Rural

Cowell Dark bronze table lamp simulating a branch, rustic lamp for homes

This hunting themed cover plate is hand painted with amazing detail and made

Resin chandelier, deer design, for living rooms, bars, cafes, dining rooms

Boncoo Antler Rustic Table Lamp with USB Port, 3 Way Dimmable Touch Lamp USB

kenroy Home 32582 1 light table lamp, Plantain, 32582ANT, 150.0watts

Litfad Ceiling Chandelier Retro LED Resin Horn Shape 5-Light Ceiling Lamp for

LightInTheBox single head lamp, industrial, retro vintage style, wood, metal paint for

Oil Fluted Bronze Body Light and Retro Lamp Design Make Places Full of Vintage

Set of 2 rustic table lamps with cast iron bear design in the forest special for your

Collective Design MO38968AM – Rustic table lamp, dark brown color, to decorate living rooms

Kenroy Home Drift Table Lamp – Wood Grain, 21049WDG

Decorative Lighting 91 – 507 11 by 25-Inch Single 2-Light Traditional Table Lamp

Oil-rubbed bronze steel blade base, Gold-tone conical drum cotton shade, 3-way switch

10 light ceiling lamp, retro style, rustic, wooden, for dining table, kitchen, bar,

Newrays Rustic Wood Barrel Design Ceiling Lamp for Kitchen and Bar

OSAIRUOS ZC0627 – Pendant Lamp (glass), rustic design, Black, 40.00watts, 120.00

Yue Jia – Vintage Style Industrial Style Rustic Ceiling Lamp for Living Room, Dining

Jiuzhuo Rustic Woven Nautical Rope Charging 1-Light Suman Sharma Pendant Ceiling Lamp

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What is a rustic living room?

In essence, a rustic-style living room is nothing more than the living room of our home decorated in the purest casual, comfortable, cozy and natural style. Undoubtedly, it is the best option to achieve a relaxing environment, not for pleasure it is the preferred style to decorate people’s rest homes.

Although it is said that he was born in rural environments, apart from civilization, today it is widely disseminated and used in interiors of country and city houses. In essence it is made up of warm colors and natural materials such as wood.

Other of its characteristics is that they give the sensation of a warm environment, for that reason, it is one of the preferred ways to acclimate areas where the climate is severe and cold.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the wonders of outdoor nature, do not hesitate to decorate your rest home with this environment, or at least a part of your home, your quality of life will greatly thank you, trust me.


How to make and decorate a rustic living room?

If you are one of those people who love nature, nature and rustic environments, I give you some tips and tricks so you can achieve that living room that you want to have so much.

Colors to use in the purest rustic decoration of your living room

Usually, in a rustic decoration we should use warm and neutral colors such as beige, sand tones, earth, stone, or colors that do not alert your most vital senses, that is, colors that let your subconscious rest to the most deep. Usually, to achieve this goal, colors that remind you of the elements of nature are used.

You just have to think that in the beginning of the rustic style in the years of yesteryear, homemakers built their houses with what they could find in the surroundings of their home, say wood, skins, shrubs, straw, among others.

In short, we must mainly use these colors on walls, floors, furniture, or accessories such as pillows, cushions, etc.

Materials and use of spaces to build a rustic environment

The materials for this type of decoration should be those that could be obtained in rural environments. Among these materials we can mention wood, rock, mud, etc. For urban environments, this is already a bit more difficult and less practical, so accessories are often used to simulate the rustic environment such as the placement of fireplaces in living rooms, wooden or ceramic floors, among other things.

Furniture used in the decoration of a rustic living room

With the theme of furniture, the same trend follows, furniture with raw wood finishes, in the purest artisan style, and sometimes, even worn, but of course clear. This enhances the warmth of the aged look of the place.

On the other hand, to find these furniture, it is enough to go to small markets focused on this theme or simply order it from wood craftsmen or carpenters to make them to your needs and according to your needs.

Don’t be surprised, but rustic-style furniture tends to be heavy and large.

Doors, tiles and old pieces, accessories that you should include in the decoration of a rustic living room

  • The tiles that are usually used in the rustic style are classic tiles, typically white, rectangular in shape or with ecological or stone paintings.
  • The doors are usually placed in wood to give that classic and natural touch.
  • Incorporating a small old piece provides greater warmth to the room.


How to light a living room with Rustic Lamps for Living Room?

When thinking about decorating a rustic living room you think of a dark and dull space, but, quite the opposite, with adequate lighting, a rustic living room can be the most welcoming place in the world. Not so much natural light is needed, we can take advantage of artificial light and moderate it to our liking in terms of intensity.

  • First, we will need a striking and simple lamp to put in the center of the room.
  • If you are one of those who love dining rooms, you should put a pendant lamp right in the center and on the table, so dinner and meetings will have enough lighting. No one likes to eat in darkness.
  • Do not sin like some people, no modern lamps, the more archaic and rustic the design seems, the better.
  • It would not be a bad idea to place some table lamps around, but beware, lamps of the same rustic style, nothing modern to avoid a jarring touch.


Importance of the indicated Rustic Lamps for Living Room?

When we are immersed in a decoration of our living room in the purest rustic style, every detail is important, even the lighting. You should avoid modern, futuristic lamps, or any style that does not match the local and country style that we want to achieve.

On the other hand, with the indicated lamps we can achieve enough lighting so that the place is neither too dark nor too bright, a midpoint where you and your family feel at ease.

Remember that everything with light is better, and of course, if you need anything else you can find it in our most complete online store, Lamps for Everything.


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