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The vintage style is currently spreading to all areas and social orders, mainly in fashion, design, room decorations, events and home interiors. It is inspired by the 30s and 40s, where elegant, romantic, sober styles were widely used. This style takes up the old and classic that was usually used in another era and generates ideal and avant-garde proposals. As for the Vintage Living Room Lamps they are not far behind, they are perfect complements for your decoration in the purest Vintage style, so we intend today to show you perfect product proposals to illuminate your home as it was done 80 or 90 years ago.

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Vintage Ceiling Lamps for Living Rooms

The vintage-style ceiling lamps that we will present to you today go hand in hand with all those highlights of the movement, furniture, paintings, mirrors and antique decorative elements. With these proposals we intend you to give a classic touch of the past that makes everything integrated, harmonious, elegant … that antiquity becomes current and the ugly and obsolete becomes modern and attractive.

It is a style that is on the rise, therefore, that you wait to get on the wave of fashion, do not wait another second and complement or start your decoration with one of these excellent lamps, do not miss the opportunity.


Vintage Hanging Lamps for Living Rooms

Another option for the lighting of vintage-style rooms is the hanging ceiling lamps, another alternative to illuminate evenly and flat. This option should be taken or chosen in homes where there is a high ceiling approximately above 2 and a half meters, where a traditional lamp attached to the ceiling would be outdated and would not be the best option, it would subtract class and elegance to the decoration and if It would look ugly and inappropriate.

Do not complicate much, you have a chance with our vintage pendant lamps so that your living room is like never before, perfectly lit and beautiful forever.


Vintage Floor Lamps for Living Room

As a complement to the ceiling lamps we can also use floor, floor, or floor lamps, whatever you want to call it or know. In themselves, they are very practical lights that you can move and place where the place needs it most. They give elegance to your living room and its light comes very well in any circumstance, for these reasons and more we have decided to select a group of vintage floor lamp products. Take this opportunity, do not hesitate.


Vintage Table Lamps for Living Room



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What is the vintage style?

The Vintage style was born in France and spread rapidly through many countries of the world in recent decades. This arises with the creativity of some people to retake the old style of homes of the last century, combining them with contemporary elements and giving a special look to each element and the general appearance of the home.

To implement this style, you not only need furniture, fabrics, lamps, wall colors, mirrors or antique dishes, but also a special focus and skill. If you are one of those people who loves the old and the special, this decorative style is just the toe ring you need to feel comfortable in your own home.


Some features of the vintage style

The main thing we must achieve is not to allow the agitation and congestion of the environment. It is necessary to create a dazzling compilation that will match the mood of the time and your current moment. I leave you some isolated features to give you a guide on how this special decoration should be done.

Ideal colors used in vintage style decoration

The ideal colors featured for this decorative style are warm colors, not very attractive and dim in our eyes, colors such as pastel, white, bone, among others. It is trying to achieve an environment as close as possible to your time, but at the same time an environment where you feel comfortable and at ease with the members of your family. Generally light colors have this type of effect on people.

Furniture used in the vintage style

Vintage-style furniture is furniture with history, with an intriguing past, or simply with a simulated figure that makes it appear that these items have a journey through time and history. It is advisable that certain types of natural materials have been used in its manufacture, clear examples are wood, upholstery fabric, etc.

Some people like to add as extra elements scratches, scratches, breaks that do not jeopardize the integrity of the person, things that mark experiences of the decorative elements and a passing of time on their bodies.
Forged elements, carved in wood, made of bronze or brass are also relevant in this type of decoration since these characteristics were used a lot in the years of yesteryear.

Mirrors used in vintage style

In the special case of mirrors they should look old as you could imagine. They could be made of dark wood frames like mahogany. Or of metals that simulate wood, perhaps the mirrors could have some details over time, things that seem natural and give you the feeling that even your grandparents could have used that mirror.

Decorative accessories in the vintage style

With regard to accessories we can name the curtains, these must be especially long, elegantly draped, could be decorated with corresponding laces or clips. They can be very bright or dim, depending on the overall interior design, perhaps with smooth walls bright curtains could go and vice versa. The curtains can be decorated with a floral design or be monophonic.


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